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December 5  |  Hotel Furniture  |   Tim

China Hotel Furniture industrial has been one of the biggest five pillar industry bases.There are a lot of hotel furniture manufacturers in China mainland now with different scale,most of them locate in the south and east of China,such as Guangdong Province,Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province.Exporting products there is convenient,and the local government pay much importance to furniture industrial,so the hotel furniture industrial in this areas has made great progress in recent ten years,and it occupies large share in the exporting of China hotel furniture.

China hotel furniture manufacturers senyi

China hotel furniture has been always popular with the buyers all over the world by good quality,competitive price and nice service.Lots of furniture projects are “Made in China”. Many buyers attend Shanghai International Hotel Furniture Fair and Guangzhou International Hotel Furniture Fair every year,the scale is larger year by year,most of the exhibitor are hotel furniture manufacturers from China mainland,and a small quantity foreign furniture manufacturers also take part in it.
But today,things change a little,the cost on land ,raw materials and labor has steadily risen,the dollar weakens and the Yuan strengthens,shipping prices have increased up to 300 percent since 2000,furniture industrial in India/Indonesia/Poland/Romania has grown up rapidly,the furniture market in USA and Europe is unfavorable …the exporting of China hotel furniture is affected by all this factors in recent years,most of hotel furniture manufacturers has adjusted their marketing policy accordingly,they begin to pay much importance in domestic market, and they are trying to exploit new market area,not only USA and Europe.None of this manufacturers give up exporting sales,because furniture project market is still a big cake,China hotel furniture manufacturers will be still the most competitive in future. in future.
The furniture manufacturers in the middle and west has developed rapidly this years,both Central and locale government support furniture industrial,the cost of land and labor is much more lower than the manufacturers in east and south,the main wood markets locate in middle and west,so there are more and more large scale furniture manufacturers in middle and west of China now, Senyi furniture is one of this manufacturers.
Senyi Furniture locates in Yiyang City, near to Changsha City,the provincial capital of Hu’nan Province,and our company is not far away from Yangtze River, we can ship products to Shanghai Port by this river too.The advantage of Senyi Furniture is good quality products,competitive price and professional service.Welcome to Senyi furniture!

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