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Mingjia Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd is a professinal hotel furniture manufacturer in Guangdong, China. Our furniture factory & showroom locates in Foshan City, which is famous for “Foshan Furniture” in international furniture market. It cost about 45 minutes’ driving from the center of Guangzhou to our factory and showroom, our main products is hotel bedroom furniture, lobby furniture, restaurant furniture, banquet chairs, hotel outdoor furniture and other hotel accessories , welcome to vist us any time! Here are the links to relative product list page:

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Hotel furniture (Contract furniture) is always an important part in the furniture market, people need hotels when they are not in the home, they may be traveling or making international business. There are new hotels opening every day in the world, or some hotels needs to be refreshed, they all need hotel furniture, that’s why hotel furniture is a big market with huge demands. Accordingly, there are many hotel furniture manufacturers or suppliers all over the world, they provides different hotel products and services. In the past, this hotel furniture suppliers or factories mainly aimed at the local furniture project market or the area not far away, hotels who needed hotel furniture also tended to choose local furniture suppliers, it was convenient for both furniture buyers and sellers. But things change nowadays, with the high speed development of internet, hotel furniture buyers can find more potential suppliers in different areas or countries, furniture products from this suppliers can meet the demands of hotel, while limited local suppliers can’t make it. Hotel furniture manufacturers can also find more international customers via internet, they put their products or other information in B2B platforms or other commercial networks to attract customers all over the world.

Furniture shows or fairs also play an important role in furniture market, especially some famous international furniture fairs, such as IMM Cologne in Germany,Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano in Italy, International Furniture Fair in Singapore, Canton Fair in Guangzhou, Hotel Furniture China in Shanghai etc. Furniture fair is a great place for furniture business because furniture buyers / wholesalers / retailers and furniture manufacturers / suppliers can have a face-to-face meeting and discuss more details about business, it is convenient and efficient. But the problem is, most international furniture fairs only last 3 ~ 5 days, due to the limitation of time and area, both buyers and sellers may not get what they want if they did not make a good preparation for the fair, and the cost of attending a international furniture fair is not cheap. So, most of our customers tend to contact with furniture manufacturers or suppliers in China before they fly to Guangzhou or Shanghai, customers would vist furniture factories or companies if they do not find any thing interested in China fairs.

Furniture industry has developped more than 20 years in China, there is totally complete furniture industry chain in some cities and areas, “Foshan Furniture (Shunde Furniture)” has already been a furniture brand and is well known by many international furniture buyers. There are many furniture manufacturers in Foshan (Shunde) with different scales, the price of many kinds of furniture is competitive because the whole furniture industry chain reduce the cost a lot. Some furniture factories in Foshan has also pay importance to quality now, the price may be not the cheapest, but the quality is far better than those who only cares about cheap price. Furniture products with quality problems may bring you lots of trouble in future, what you pay for this troubles may be higher than the price itself. So, here is the advice we suggest for customers who only cares the cheapest price: Price is not the only thing you should consider in importing furniture from China, different materials and procedure (polish, painting, chrome etc)have different costs, “the cheapest price” always means that every thing is the cheapest, it can easily cuased quality problems. The service of furniture suppliers in China is also important, is the salesman professional? Is this supplier a scamer? One of our customers told us that he had problems with one China supplier because they even did not know the differences between FOB and EX-WORK, finally he paid the FOB charge, and never do business with this supplier again.

We have professional sales team, any inquiry email from customer would be checked and replied in 24 hours, there are EX-WORK / FOB / CIF in price term options, L/C payment term is acceptable. Our main products is hotel bedroom furniture, hotel lobby furniture, restaurant furniture, banquet chairs/tables and other hotel accessories (such as chairs/tables fibric cover, dance floor, mobile stage, table base, hotel trolley etc), this hotel furniture is all made by our furniture factories. We can also provide other hotel products such as hotel carpet, wall art, hotel outdoor furniture, wooden floor, office chair / desk for hotel etc, this items are not made by our manufacturer, we just do it when customers do not want to spend more time and energy in furniture scourcing. We have kept good replationship with local suppliers who can provide it with good quality and price, they are better than what you find in most cases, customers would not have headache in calculating space of each containers and asking different suppliers to make this items together in containers.

Welcome contact with us if you are looking for hotel furniture from China, we will be glad to be helpful. Pls check more details in our furniture blog.